Engine Parts Identification Chart

ďA Never Ending SearchĒ
(Courtesy of Hit & Miss Enterprises, Ed Deis, family & friends -Orwell, Ohio)

Being in the partís business for over 30 years I have come across many unidentified engine parts that have been laid aside and long separated from the engine they came from. I have a bin full of such parts and always felt I could help somebody with some of them if I simply knew what they were for, especially the ones that had the part # cast into them. I thought it would sure be nice to have a reference chart that gave part #ís in numerical and alpabetical order and identified the engine they belonged to. And how about if you acquire a new engine with no nameplate and not sure what you have? If the manufacturer of the engine had the part number put on the castings that reference chart might identify your unknown engine. And again if you had such a reference chart with you when you were out at the shows looking for parts it would take some of the quesswork out of buying or not buying something that may or may not fit. The research for this chart will go on continuously and will be added to by all of us as new information comes in. Thanks to computers and the internet, you will have instant access to the most current chart. You will be able to watch and hopefully contribute to itís data base. Unfortunately there are engines with no casting numbers on the parts. Eventually we will list these engines along with some pictures of the engine and individual parts along with helpful notes. There will be plenty of footnotes giving useful information-much of which canít be found in instruction manuals, but from many years of experience of working on these engines. Again not only from my experience but also of those who have and will be contributing to this venture. We are unlimited as to what we may do with this publication and someday this may be part of an intensive book on stationary gas & kero. engines, incorporating known and little known facts and trivia. I could have kept this as a private for profit venture, but I would have been limited to just what I know, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what is involved in this hobby. So, what we need is Your Help! I need you to send me casting numbers of parts on your engines so that we can add them to the database. Please include the following information if possible:

Engine Name
Serial #
Ignition type
Flywheel diameter
Piston diameter and stroke

Of course, feel free to include other information on the engine as well if you think it is unique or important. Then, simply list the part names along with the casting numbers. I look forward to working with all of you and hope you will all contribute and certainly correct any misinformation and offer suggestions for improving on this database! Ed

Please feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts, suggestions and, most of all, your part numbers! sales@hitnmiss.com

We keep updating this as folks send us information and we're making headway!

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Aermotor Gasoline Pumping Engine
Late type - simple governor-oil holes in crank bearing instead of oil boxes with lids Main Block Pat End l86, no other markings, Poor No.'s Flywheel 20" dia. , Aermotor Co. Chicago, - Z 2 (on spoke)
Part # Part Name Notes
Z32 Connecting Rod
Z33Connecting Rod Brg. Cap
Z16Piston 3" in diameter
Z3Crankshaft Brg. Boxes
Z21Crankshaft Gear 13 teeth
Z18Camgear 52 and 13 teeth
A 305Drive Gear 50 teeth
Z7Fuel Mixer air inlet casting
123Fuel Check Valve (Brass) crane poor number
Z9Trip Arm bottom casting on shaft
Z 136Exhaust Valve Housing
Z 138 Ignitor Body

Contributed by: Don G. Pettit Clarksville, Md.

Aeromotor, Fluted Hopper
Serial # 2CUCM, Bore: 4-3/16", Flywheel dia.: 24"

Part #Part NameNotes
Z 223 Cam Follower
Z 218Cam Gear
Z 206Cylinder Head
Z 205Exhaust Lever
Z 201Cylinder
Z 209Engine Main Frame
Z 200Flywheel
Z 222Left Main Bearing Cap
Z 225Right Main Bearing Cap
Z 232Connecting Rod
Z 298Water Hopper
Z 208Igniter
Z 230Muffler Bottom
Z 228Muffler Top
Z 253Igniter Trip
Z 224Push Rod Ends (2)
Z 207Mixer Body
Z 226Mixer Cover & Choke
Z 388Governor Latch
Z 2826" Belt Pulley
Z 287518" Belt Pulley

Contributed by: John Vanhorn, Winona, MS

Alamo, 2½ HP
Serial #106232
Part #Part Name Notes
9912 Base
11039Flywheels 11" Face = 1 3/4, dia =20", Bore 1 3/8"
9910 Head

Contributed by: Justin Kleinhins, Lacarne, OH

Alamo 2½HP
Serial #115571, Bore: 4½", Flywheel dia.: 20", Spark Plug Ignition
Part #Part NameNotes
11268Cylinder & Hopper
11479Main Bearing Caps
11481Cam Follower
11265Exhaust Lever
11244Muffler Base
11545 Muffler Cover
11257Cylinder Head
10764Wico Mount Bracket
10706Crank Guard
5982 Cam Gear
6032Governor Weights
9967connecting Rod
6417 Mixer

Alamo Blue Line
Type A
Manufactured by Alamo Mfg. Co.
Hillsdale Mich.
HP 2 Ser. 59795 Speed 550
Bore: 3¾" Stroke: 5"
Flywheels 1¾" face by 20" dia.
Part #Part Name Notes
BL Flywheels
6840Rod caps On crankshaft journals
8052Crank Guard
8032 Governor Weights
8025 Water Hopper
8635Base Head

Contributed by Leonard Carver, Gladstone, Mo.

Brownwall 1½ HP
HP questionable, Bore: 3½" Stroke: 4" Flywheels 14" dia.
Part #Part NameNotes
30M4 Webster Ignitor Bracket
A Flywheel
A-1-K Cylinder/Hopper
A-4 Cam Gear
A-5 Intake Valve Cage
A-9 Main Bearing Cap
A-11-K Cam Follower Arm
A-12 Connecting Rod
A-15-K Pic Blade Bracket
A-17 Connecting Rod Cap
A-47 Hand Crank
A-54 Mixer
Contributed by: Harold Seber, Cambridge Springs, PA

Brownwall 6HP watercooled horizontal
Flywheels 3" wide, 27" dia.
Part #Part NameNotes
D1 Water hopper
D9Main bearing cap
D18Govenor rocker
D64KKerosene manifold
DE11KCam arm
303K109Webster bracket
K97Webster Tri-polar magneto
Contributed by: Mike Unwin

Dempster 1½HP
Part #Part NameNotes
1K47 Head
1K31 Rocker arm
1K18 Gov. weight
1K6 Main Bearing Cap
1K21 Flywheel
1K27 Gov. sleeve
1K2 Crankcase
Contributed by: Mike Dietze, Nebraska

Dempster 6HP
Part #Part NameNotes
6H46 Hopper
6H21 Flywheel
6H6 Main Cap
6H47 Head
6H31 Rocker Arm
6H50 Mixer
5H18 Governor Weights
5H7 Connecting Rod

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Domestic 1½HP, Type "A"
Front mounted ignitor
Part # Part Name Notes
185-1 Hopper/Bed
156 Rocker Arm
29 Muffler Back
142 Head
70 Ignitor
201 Sideshaft Bracket
1311 Main Bearing Caps
202 Flywheels
1309 Rod

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Emerson Brantingham
Type H, 1½HP, Bore: 3¾"Headless
Part # Part Name Notes
EH-2 Rocker Arm
EH-6 Intake Valve Cage
EH-14Timing Gear
EH-16 Crank Guard
EH-19 Governor Weights
EH-20 4 x 4 Pulley
EH-21 Main Bearing Caps
EH-22 Speed control Lever
EH-27 Mag Gear
EH-111 Catch Block
EA-11 Rod
EA-12 Rod Cap
EA-24Trip Finger HOlder
EA-24D Trip Finger Knuckle
EA-26J Mixer
EA-9 Flywheel Gov. Side 19" X 1 5/8"
EH-9 Flywheel Pulley Side 19" X 1 5/8"
303K128 Webster Bracket

Contributed by: Roland Finkenbinder, Duncannon, PA

Fairbanks Morse Type 'H'
Throttle governed, Bore: 4", 400RPM, Flywheel dia. 24", Face: 1¾"
Sumter Type J.R. Magneto
Part # Part Name Drawing Number Notes
17KK3 Main Casting 7H
17XXA Hopper/Cylinder 1H
17R Flywheel 13 The dash is part of the number - number just on one flywheel
17QL3 Rod 25H Has 4 ring grooves
136 Piston
23W Camshaft Gear 115
23ND2 Exhaust Valve Rocker Arm 73
23RC Exhaust Valve Rocker Arm Bracket
17LL Main Bearing Caps 285H
17K3 Mixer 144 Two Chambers
17RP Fuel Pump 135H
17WN4 Igniter Trip Support 100H
23ZK2 Fuel Tank Filler

Contributed by: Matthew W. Hackman, Idaho Falls, ID

Fairbanks Morse Type H "Jack Jr."
Serial #90565

Battery ignition, 20" flywheels, 3-1/2" bore. Engine has traces of both red and green paint.
Part # Part Name Notes
15DWCrank guard
15WCam gear
15LLBearing caps
150LConnecting rod
23ZK2Tank filler bracket
15S03Gov. detent latch
15JEMixer body
15NB2Exhaust rocker arm
Contributed by: Jonathan Widelo, North Hatfield, MA

Fairbanks-Morse 3HP Type BD
Part # Part Name Notes
X9A Governor Weight
XX14 Main Bearing Caps
X2A Head
303K138 Ignitor
345K138 Pullrod
S Mag Trip Rod
A13 Rocker Arm
X12 Bell Crank
X32 Speed Control Latch Finger
X1 Block
X51A Connecting Rod
Contributed by: Bill Williams, Cassville, WI

Fairbanks-Morse Jack Of All Trades
S./N 89388
Ignitor Ignition
24" Flywheels
4" Bore 6" Stroke

Part # Part Name Notes
23KK2 Crankcase
23LM1 Bearing Plate
23JJ1 Cylinder Head
23W Cam Gear
23Y Crankshaft Gear
23ND1 Exhaust Rocker Lever
23RC Rocker Stand
236Q1 Govenor Detent
23S11 Exhaust Rocker
23KL Hand Hole Plate
23QL Connecting Rod

Contributed by: Mike Grimes

Field Brundage - Racine Sattley
Bore: 3½", Stroke: 4", Flywheel dia.: 19½" , Face: 1¾" Crank dia.: 1 1/4"
Part # Part Name Notes
AA4 Cylinder Head
AA32 Mixer Choke Plate
AA9Main Bearing Caps
AA24Connecting Rod
AA18 Cam Gear
AA14ACam Follower w/ roller
AA81 Governor Weight
AA22 Link that goes through the flywheel
AA21 Speed Cont. Knob
BB50A Webster Trip bracket
303M9 Websster igniter bracket
AA26 Exhaust Rocker Arm
R16 Muffler (Threaded Half)
R15 Muffler, cover
CC15 Plain igniter
CC19 Plain igniter trip Assembly

Contributed by: John Raney

Flying Dutchman 1½ HP
Made by Alamo
Part #Part NameNotes
6386 Base
6388A Water Hopper
407 Cam
8406 Cam Gear
6413A Governor Weight
6990 Governor Detent Speed Adjustment Arm
6485 Cam Roller/Push Rod/Detent Bracket
6389 Piston
6385 Connecting Rod
6387 Cylinder Head
6417 Mixer
Contributed by: Randy Petre, Des Moines, WA

Flying Dutchman 2½HP
Made by Alamo, Serial #32090, Ignitor Fired, Bore: 3¾", Stroke 5", Flywheel dia.: 20", Face: 1¾"

Part #Part NameNotes
7075-7076 Flywheel
6025-2A-RCylinder and Water Hopper
6035 Base
6041Piston Rod
6022Cylinder Head
5986 Ignitor Trip
5960 Coupling Rod Holder
5983 Cam
5982 Cam Gear
6032-2AGovenor Weights
6639Govenor Sleeve (tapered cone)
6052Crank Guard
6640Main Bearing Caps
6044Speed Adjuster
Contributed by: Richard E. Rulon, Avon, Ct.

Foos Jr., 2½ HP
(approx. 1917-1918)
Part#Part NameNotes
Z51 Piston
Z7 Rod
Z8 Rod cap
Z21-3 Mixer
Z15-1 Cam Gear
Z16-3 Push Rod and Timer Bracket
Z9 Main Bearing Cap Left or Right
Z4-4 Head
Z58 Exhaust Valve Cage
Z12-1 Governor Weight Single, on flywheel

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Fuller Johnson Utility Motor NoZ 188
Part # Part Name Notes
J110 Mixer
J4 Crank Inspection Cover
J82 Rocker Arm
J166 Idler Pulley
J353 Idler Bracket
J8 Crank Side Cover

Fuller Johnson 4HP 163293
Part # Part Name Notes
4NB-110 Mixer
3K63 Rocker Bracket
2N 62 Rocker Arm
4NB-3 Head
3N22 Fuel Spout
3N220 Fuel Spout Cap
4NB-1 Base
3N-4 & 4A Main Bearing Caps
3N-25 Piston Rod
2N83-A Big Timing Gear
4NB-15 Flywheel

Fuller Johnson 6-7 HP, Type N
Part # Part Name Notes
7N-6 Head
6N110 Mixer
6N62 Rocker Arm
6N1A Bed
6N1A Flywheels
6N25A Rod

Contributed by: Bill Hash
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Gade 6HP
High base, fuel pump
Part # Part Name Notes
129 Mixer

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Galloway 5HP Tank Cooled
Part # Part Name Notes
D-17 Intake Valve Cover
D-16 Rocker Arm

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Galloway 2-1/4HP Early Style, 1907-1908
Serial # 4671, ignitor fired
Part # Part Name Notes
AC1Cylinder/Water hopper
AB3Engine base
AB10Cylinder head
AB12Gov. weights
AB123Gov. anchors
AB14Timing gear
Ab16Rocker arm
AB50Detent arm
AB52Starter crank
AB71Main bearing caps
YT1Rear cart wheels support bracket
YT3Front cart wheels support bracket (upper)
YT4Front cart wheels
YT5Rear cart wheels
'F' in a circleMarking inside the con. rod and on crankshaft

Contributed by: Dave Mahan

Gilson 1¾ HP
Part # Part Name Notes
JS42Connecting Rod
JS2 Main Bearing Caps Part number for
governor side is JS2 1/2
JS77 Governor Latch Bar
JS82 Exhaust Push Rod
JS42 1/2 Connecting Rod Cap

Contributed by: Robert Eros

Gray "Thoroughbred", 4HP
Part # Part Name Notes
6012 Rod
6094 Hopper/Cylinder
6071 Crankguard
6558 Governor Weight Plate

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Gray 1½ HP
Part # Part Name Notes
4508 Hopper/Bed
4526 Cam Gear
4038 Pushrod Bracket
4436 Rocker Arm Bracket
4035 Rocker Arm
4078 Crankguard
4580 Governor Latch Bracket
4020 Governor Latch Yoke

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Hudson & Thurber Co.
Ignitor style
Part # Part Name Notes
G6Main Caps
G25 Crank Side Flywheel
G26 Pulley Side Flywheel
G32 Crankhandle
G35 Timing Gear
G39 Cam Mag Bracket
G42 Governor Weights
G43 Governor Yoke
G44 Connecting Rod

Contributed by: Harold Seber, Cambridge Springs, PA

Independent Harvester Co., 1¾HP
Plano, Ill. Type C, RPM: 550
Part # Part Name Notes
Z-7 Connecting Rod
Z-8Cam Gear
Z-9Main Bearing Caps
Z-11 Rocker Arm
Z-18Muffler Base
Z-19Muffler Ball
Z-20 Mixer
Z-22 Gas Filler Cup
Z-23 Choke Plate
Z-25 Brkt or Push Rod that holds Mag. Trip Arm
303K72Webster Ignitor Bracket

Contributed by: Victor Hartzellfor, Defiance, Ohio

LeRoi Engines
For some in-depth information on a LeRoi engine click here

Maynard 2HP
Jacobson built
Part # Part Name Notes
4128 Head
4116 Pushrod Bracket
K778 Fuel Tank Cap

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Maynard 3½ HP
Jacobson built
Part # Part Name Notes
4121 Head
4151 Rocker Arm
K741 Rod Cap
K748 Rod
K747 Flywheel
K780 Crankguard
4162 Pushrod Bracket
K778 Fuel Tank Cap
The "K" prefix numbers on the 2HP and 3½HP Maynards appear to interchange with the "Ward" and "Bull's Eye" engine built by Jacobson.

Contributed by: Bill Hash

Massey Harris Type 1, 3HP
Part # Part Name Notes
AA 451 Flywheels
AA 188 Exhaust Rocker Arm
AA 187 Hopper
AA 66 Cylinder
AA 187 Intake
AA 78 Con rod
AA 168 Mixer
AA 152 Muffler
AA 574 Cam Gear
AA 573 Cam Push Ring

Contributed by: Mike Unwin

Monitor 6HP
Part #Part Name Notes
GF45 Mixer Valves Assembly
GF5 Water Hopper
G53 Main Bearing Caps
GF92 Muffler
GF93 Bottom Inspection Plate
GF26A Cam Gear
GF31 Governor Shoe

Monmouth Plow factory engine 1¾HP
Hopper cooled, Spoked flywheel, dia.: 16", face: 1-3/8", hammer break ignitor
of websters, open crank w/ governor weights and flywheel
Made by Nelson Bros. and sold by Monmouth Plow factory in 1921.
Brass nameplate reads: Monmouth Plow Factory Efficiency Farm Engine
Monmouth Ill. , 500 RPM, 1 3/4 HP, Serial #17111 - Md. N.
Stamped in Flywheel is N17111. Some of it is similar to a little jumbo.
3½" bore 5" stroke
Part # Part NameNotes
N-10Governor Collar
P-1-30 Detent Quadrant
P-24Cylinder Head
N-20Journal caps
N-2Cam Gear
N-12Block engine fosh Cast as one
N-2Cam Gear
K-5Crank Guard
P-4Mixer Body
P-21Exhaust Lever
Contributed by: Elam Rockwell, Charlotte, MI

Nelson Brothers Model "T", 1-3/4HP
Piston - 3-1/2" dia x 4-1/16" long, 3 .125" grooves
Stroke - 5"
Flywheels - 1-1/2" x 16"
Part # Part NameNotes
T-20-3Main Bearing Caps
3 K6 2Connecting Rod
T-15 2Cam Gear
2 T 36Mag Bracket
T-21 8Exhaust Rocker
T-37 7Mag Trip
T-12Govenor Body
T-13Govenor Weight
2 T-14Govenor Bracket
T-18 3Speed Control Bracket
2 T-64 2Mag Trip Rod Holder
P-19Muffler Cap
T-17Valve Latch Arm
Contributed by: Randy Hebel, Midland, MI

Novo, 1-1/2HP, model 'S'
Part # Part Name Notes
1S96Mixer bowl
1S95AMixer air pipe
6S316Butterfly Valve Shaft Lever
S60Pulley side bearing housing cover
1S9Fuel Pump Body
1S7XCam gear
1S52Govenor weight
S5Govenor side bearing cap
1S4Pulley side bearing cap
2S65Cyinder cover (bronze)
1-1/2S (and some other unreadable characters)Flywheels
Contributed by: Scott Ruesch

Ohio Motor Co. Engine, 3HP "push-rod type"
4 3/4" Bore, 6" Stroke, 22" Flywheels
Part # Part Name Notes
3S4Rocker Arm
3S11Push Rod and Detent Mount
Contributed by: Will Cummings, Castalia, Oh

Rawleigh - Schryer Engine 2½HP
Serial #B10027, Bore: 4", Flywheel dia.: 26", Face: 2"
Part # Part Name Notes
B54Rocker Arm
B11Main Bearing Cap, Gov. Side
B10Main Bearing Cap, Pulley Side
B26Cam Follower
B23 Cam Gear
B14Governor Weight Bracket
B18Speed Adjustment
B24 Crank Guard

Contributed by: John Milligan, Gilman City, Mo

Rock Island 1½HP
Tag info:
Rock Island Plow Co.
Rock Island Illionois USA
Omaha Minneapolis Kansas City
Dallas Oklahoma City
Indianopolis Souix City
Ser. 88010, Speed 650
Part # Part NameNotes
9924Water Hopper
9927 Base
9936Rocker Arm
9948Governor Arm
9944Governor Weights
9928Flywheel Caps
6568Flywheel Cap
10116Crank Guard

Serial #LA2254

Webster K4 mag, 20" flywheels, 3-3/4" bore x 5" stroke
Part # Part Name Notes
AA32Rocker arm
AA73Mag tripper
A22Exhaust rod end
LA114Carb body
A33Exhaust rod forked end
AA71Gov. speed lever
A303K4Webster bracket
A17Gov. lockout assy. with roller
AA44Gov. side flywheel
AA43Non-gov. side flywheel
A49connecting rod
Contributed by: Jonathan Widelo, North Hatfield, MA

StaRite 1½HP
Part #Part NameNotes
A15 Cam Gear
A11 Rod
A37 Rod End Cap
A22 Flywheel
13 Main Bearing Caps
A19 Valve Fork
A24 Muffler
Contributed by: Dave Lincoln

Stover K 8HP
1929, serial #201562
6-3/4" bore, stroke 9"
Part # Part Name Notes
E801Main bearing support block
E820Main bearing cap, mag side
E819Main bearing cap, off side
E802Cyinder block/water hopper
E604Cylinder head
E409Cam gear60 tooth, 7/8" wide, 1" shaft
n/aCrank gear30 tooth, 5/8" wide
E805Piston6-3/4" bore, 4 1/2" ring grooves
X80Connecting rod
X82Connecting rod cap
E645Exhaust valve lever
8Flywheel, off side
8JFlywheel, mag side
303K25Mag bracket
E1126-4Mag trip rod assy.
E849Intake butterfly housingw/2" exhaust outlet
E813Gov. brackets
E812Gov. weights
EB300Fuel pump
Contributed by Stan Zettner, Plesanton, TX

Stover KE 1½HP 186049
Part # Part Name Notes
E5597FBracket for Wico
E5554FMain Bearing Caps
E557FTiming Gear
E112AGovernor Weights
E5563FGovernor Part
E5574FGovernor Part
Contributed by: Peter Del Prato, Ashby, MA

Stover KA 2HP
Serial# KA181540, Bore: 3.5", stroke: 6.5"
Part # Part Name Notes
201-K-2Piston rod
14KCam gear
209-K-2Cam and shaft
26KGov. adj. bracket
4KRocker arm bracket
5KRocker arm
9013KMag. bracket
7001KH&M bracket
7000KGov. actuator lever
7002KH&M pawl arm
13KCam follower casting
9073KTiming adj. casting
6KFlywheels (both the same)
7KMain bearing caps
Contributed by: Bernie Foley

Stover model 'X', 8HP
1922, serial #X148245, Webseter Tripolar Ignitor,
flywheel diameter 35-1/2", face 3". Piston
diameter 6-3/4", stroke 9"
Part # Part Name Notes
E804 Head
E802 Cylinder
E801 Base
left, E819 right, E820 Main caps
X80 Con rod
E64 Rocker arm
E448 Gas saver
IHC 427747DD Valve
Contributed by: Mike Unwin

Nelson Brothers(Sunpower) 5HP
Serial #3951, No. 4187, Bore: 4¾", Stroke: 8"
Tag reads: Sun-Power Eng. Co. Detroit, Mich.
Part # Part Name Notes
DB-15Eng Frame (w/cyl.)
DA-158Water Hopper
DA-115Gov. Weights
DA-20Gov. Catch (Hit & Miss)
DA-15Cam Gear
Contributed by: Howard Abrchamson, Duluth, Minn.

Taylor Vacuum Engine 2HP
Serial #15091, Type C, 450 RPM
Part # Part NameNotes
T173Block Assembly
T171Block Base - Pedestals
T173Connecting Rod
T65Crank guard
T196Cylinder Head
T64Governor Bracket
T63Governor Lever
T85Governor Shaft/Journal/Yoke
T205Governor Weight
T80Magneto Bracket
T79Main Bearing Caps
T183Rocker Arm
T71Trip Bracket for Wico EK trip assembly
T72Vacuum Cage - flanges
T67Vacuum Yoke cage & manifold
Contributed by: William Rogers, Hannacroix, NY

T&M 1HP (Same engine was also sold as a Gray)
Part # Part NameNotes
29Water Hopper, mag side
14H8Rocker Arm
22Bearing Caps
Contributed by: Mr. Hopkins