"A Message From Ed"

Who the heck is Ed? I’m the guy that got it all started about 50 years ago. I'm officially retired now but leave the business in the very capable hands of my wife Donna and son Anthony. I love old iron and I was and still am a collector who saw a need in the hobby for part's suppliers. We've come a long way and it is my good fortune to have Donna and Anthony who are just as dedicated to our hobby and the parts business as myself, assuring that with the good Lord willing, Hit & Miss will be providing parts and service for many years.

Now we have a lot of parts and that's a fact. Unfortunately it's also a fact that what we have parts for is a drop in the bucket compared to the many engines manufactured from 1900 to approximately 1940. That means a lot of you won't find your engine listed here. Sometimes you get lucky when you call us, but all too often we have to disappoint you and I hate that. I thank all of you for your support, whether you've purchased parts or just stopped by to visit us at the shop or at the shows. We're committed to getting the old iron going and will continue to work on improving our offering of parts to you. Following is a list that may be helpful, especially to those of you who are having a difficult time finding parts. -Good Luck, Ed

LOCATING PARTS: Hit & Miss is a good place to start, but if no luck here try other part's dealers, for sale ads, the Internet  (Harry’s Old Engine Page, <www.old-engine.com>, etc.)  I also suggest that you subscribe to one of the magazines devoted to old iron. For instance, just about all the gas engine suppliers advertise in GEM and it's also a good place to run a want ad. Give the ad a chance. Run it for several months if necessary. Attend all the engine shows & swap meets you can and be sure to have measurements, samples, etc. with you. If you find an engine like yours, a camera, pencil and paper, and measuring tape will come in handy. You'll have a picture of exactly what you need and the necessary specifications to help you in finding or reproducing the parts.

SOME PARTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL ENGINES: We can supply custom made insert bearings & valves (No tractor or diesel), new pistons (3-3 1/2" inc. oversize), piston rings, gasket material, oilers, oiler glass, grease cups, draincocks, sparkplugs, ignition wire, mica for ignitor repair, babbitt stock to pour your own bearing (also damming clay and flux), coils, and more.

REPAIR & CUSTOM WORK: Beside our custom made valves & bearings, we offer rebuilding of:
most carbs (mixers), fuel pumps, cylinder heads, etc., and fabricating and machining of new parts. Cost of these services is $65/hr + parts. We do not bore or sleeve blocks.