Gas Engine Buddies

This is a photo place for EngineBuddies all over the world to share what you all look like and maybe a favorite engine too! We'd like YOUR photo in our Engine Buddies Photo Album too! You can email a ".jpg" or ".gif" to Hit&Miss or snail mail a picture to us and we'll scan it in.

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Here's grandpa's best buddy, Aaron Thomas Deis, here 19 months old (now its 2006 and he is 5 and going into 1st grade!), working on his first engine (on loan from pa-pa). Aaron is a proud member of the Hit & Miss crew. His favorite jobs are sweeping the floor and rearranging the shop (without regard for walkways).
John Herald from Pilot Rock, Oregon. This is a 1923 Harris from John's Grandfathers' combine which was pulled by horses.
This is Tommy Stojanov, his friend Leo Korb and his Hecules Model F gas engine.
On the left is Wayne Matejovsky of St. Charles, IL., on the right is Wayne Marschinke and in the center is his son Curtis Marschinke both of Wayne, IL. Picture was taken at Northern Illinois Steam Power Club show in Sycamore IL.
This is Chase Mcknight from Ohio beside his 6HP IHC M which he brought to the 2002 Hit&Miss Show and Swap. A few engine men gathered to help Chase get it runing for the first time and after about an hour of head scratching were successful! Chase and his Dad both work on engines and attend shows. Chase has several other engines besides the M and intends to grow his collection.
Laura McKee from Westfield, WI. is die-hard IHC fan! Here she is cleaning up her 20HP IHC Famous.
This is Jerry Murray, known on chat as T-bird, from Moncks Corner,SC. The engine on left is a Stover CT2 purchased from Hit&Miss, and the engine on the right is a 1 1/2 Nelson Bros. Little Jumbo.
This is Norm Stobert and his engine buddy Kelly (his daughter). Norm and Kelly live in Michigan and have been in the engine hobby since 1998. Kelly has her own engines, currently a IHC LA, 1-1/2 to 2-1/2HP, a IHC LB, 3-5HP and a FM ZD. She likes to work on her engines, go to the shows with Dad, run engines and demonstrate our corn processing equipment. We mostly show at local festivals and like to talk with people that are not necessarily familiar with what the engines are or do. The most asked question: "So these are steam engines, right?" Second most asked (after looking in the water hopper): "Do these run on water?"
Bobby Kenney and his dad Bob live in Milwaukee Wisconsin. They have a lot of Economy engines, a Myrick and this 15HP Reid which is Bobby's pride and joy! They go to quite a few shows in the summer and always take the Reid which is a big hit in Wisconsin as there are not a lot of oil field engines there.
Ron Brown from central Illinois has an Engine Buddy named Ronnie! He is shown here with his IHC LA engine and his Dad's 1-1/2HP IHC 'M' engine.
This is Ed Deis, founder of Hit&Miss, in his words "The good looking one in the middle". Well, thats his opinion! He is standing with a friend that he's known forever named Ray and his other Amish buddy Robert.

As always, we need to keep adding more Gas Engine Buddies! There is lots of room for more of you so send your pictures in by email or snail mail. If you mail them in and include a SASE, we'll send them back to you. By the way, where is Donna?? Right here of course!