Ed's Stuff
Hello folks. When I was younger I started out with steam and purchased a bunch of books and misc. Not much in steam I could afford and I was introduced to gasoline hit & miss & T/G engines, so most of my stuff has to do with the old iron hobby. I stocked up heavily in the last couple of years for our business but some bad luck put a kink in the works. What hurt us the most was my health related issues which put me out of commision for over a year and still no end to them. So I figure I'm responsible for our shortfalls and better try to generate some cash to help us get back on track. Therefore, I'm forced to sell some or all of my collection of misc items. I didn't purchase my stuff to resell and probably paid more than some of it was worth. To be honest I didn't keep a record of what I paid for things and really don't know how to price some of these items. I don't want to offend anybody with my pricing. If there is an item you may be interested in call me and make an offer. I don't necessarily care for my idea of what something is worth and going to reduce just about everything 10-20% and listening to offers. May consider trades and package deals.
Call my cell at 440-563-1980. Thanks-Ed

Payment can be cash, check or credit card.

Shipping is extra, some items may need to be picked up.

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Miscellaneous Steam Engines


#ET101 - Jensen No13w pump jack w/weights, good condition - Sold!

#ET102 - Boiler w/return flue w/hand pump & plumbing - $600 OBO

#ET103 - Stuart 7A Vertical steam engine assy. 1" bore X 1" stroke - $450. OBO

#ET104 - Clipper #3 Belt Lacer - SOLD!

#ET105 - F/M Headless engine cart, no handle - SOLD!

#ET106 - Stover CT-2 engine cart, no handle - Sold!

#ET107 - Burr mill on a stand, good condition - Sold!

#ET108 - E. Taunay Peanut Roaster, needs work - $400

#ET109 - IHC LA-LB pump jack - $175

#ET110 - Green Giant pump jack w/pump arms - $125

#ET111 - C.W. Gill & Co. "O-Kay" water pump - $85

#ET112 - Bearing Mold 2hp GK Conn. Rod SOLD!

#ET113 - Rock Island MFG. The Superior #1 Melting Pot for Babbitt or Lead - $75

#ET114 - Deming Water Pump, 12" long X 8" high $75

#ET115 - One man saw - believe new, never used. Pick up only. $225

#ET116 - Pair of railroad signs, cast iron, very nice. Pick up only. $1,200

#ET117 - Childs ride on Steam Shovel(needs some repairs $225

#ET118 - DeLaval Junior #3 Cream Separator - $150

#ET119 - DeLaval Junior #3 Cream Separator - $150

#ET160S Roberts #2 Duplex Steam Pump, 16" long x 8" wide - $350


#ET161S - Peerless Steam Engine - 9-1/2" x 12" - $3,200

#ET150S - Whistle, 3" 3 chime, 3/4" pipe, original engraved handle with chain - $650

#ET151S Steam Indicator w/tools, in original wood box - SOLD!

#ET152S Empire, Metal Ware Corp, electric/steam engine model - $125

#ET154S Empire, Metal Ware Corp, Vertical electric/steam engine model w/brass boiler SOLD!

#ET155S Weeden Steam Engine model, complete w/brass boiler, Ed's favorite - SOLD!

#ET156S Jensen #60 model, very nice condition, complete w/original shipping box, original instructions and parts list - $150

#ET157S Fleischmann steam engine model, nice condition, missing smoke stack - $75

#ET158S Unknown brand, steam engine model, made in Germany, good condition - $150

#ET159S Jensen #60 model, good condition, missing smoke stack and fuel tray - $85


#ET700 Herc XK 3-1/2hp, TG, 850.00 ( w/o mag, $550)

#ET701 F/M model ZC, 3hp(52), SOLD!

#ET702 Stover CT2, 2HP, hit&miss, $650 w/mag

#ET706 F/M Z, 1-1/2, TG, $550.00. Takes Bosch mag w/short trip arm

#ET707 Stover CT1, 2HP, TG, $400.00, sold as an ECONOMY, no mag

#ET 708F/M Z, 1-1/2HP, $650.00 complete w/Bosch mag, original crankguard and on a truck

#ET709 Nelson P, 1-1/2, hit&miss, $550.00. Converted to sparkplug w/battery and coil

#ET710 Associated, 1-1/2HP, hit&miss, $700.00. Battery and coil ignition w/crankguard

#ET711 Ottawa 2-1/2HP, hit&miss, $850.00, barn fresh w/Webster mag and pulley, $950.00

#ET712 Empire, 2-1/2, hit&miss, $550.00. Missing Webster mag but has bracket, has crankguard

#ET713 F/M C, 3HP, TG, Complete, on a cart, has a pulley SOLD!