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Hello folks. Our new 2018 catalog is now online so feel free to browse. Our downloadable version is being updated and is currently not available for download. Be patient with us, we should get the new downloadable catalog on-line soon.

Hit & Miss Enterprises
P.O. Box 157 - 4462 Montgomery Rd. - Orwell, OH 44076
PH: (440)272-5335 FAX: (440)272-5333
Mon-Fri 9AM-5:00PM (EST)  Sat. - No regular hours - please call first.
No Sundays or Holidays Please.
E-mail: sales@hitnmiss.com

US Orders

Please email or call in your order to us. When you email your order, be sure to include the following information:

Phone number
Payment information.

If you are using a credit card you can email the number and expiration date to us or call it in. If you would like to use a check or money order, we'll let you know the total including shipping so you can send in payment.

International Orders

If you are outside the US, we ONLY accept credit cards. See more info below in Shipping and Handling.


WELCOME TO the on-line HIT & MISS Catalog! We continuously update this catalog to list new parts that we are always getting into stock. From the catalog, to the actual orders our customers receive, we are constantly striving to improve our services to you. You'll find pictures and text to help you determine which parts are correct for your engine. When you call to place an order our sales person has a special order form to ask you questions from, which again, will help determine exactly what you need. As you browse the catalog you'll understand how ordering some parts can be confusing and why our folks ask so many questions! Help us to help you by having information such as piston and flywheel dia., nameplate data, part numbers off castings, or other useful information.

CONTACTING US Contacting us: Our regular business hours are Monday thru Friday 9AM-5PM Eastern. Phone calls or emailing orders is just fine but if you have a question on parts a phone call works best so we don't have to go back and forth by email trying to get info. and answer questions. It's so much easier with one phone call. Of course we won't ignore your email inquires but may end up just requesting a call anyway. We welcome personal visits to our shop and will turn you loose to check everything out (Click here for a map). We are sometimes available evenings and Saturdays but please call first for an appointment.
OUR GUARANTEE is everything we sell must be as we represent it. Most of our parts look very authentic, but we avoid calling them reproductions. These are replacement parts, some of which we acquire from outside sources, and some could have minor flaws. If you find a minor problem with a part and are willing to correct it yourself, let us know, and we'll give you a credit toward your next purchase. Unless stated otherwise all the parts in our catalog are new, but we may substitute a good original used part if we are out of new stock.

TERMS: For your convenience we accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover. If prepayment is desired personal checks and money orders are OK (U.S. Only). Canadian and overseas payments must be by credit card (VISA, M/C or Discover) only. We do not quote overseas shipping. We will mail you a seperate invoice after shipping your parts. Ohio residents please add sales tax.
We process credit cards and checks or money orders when the order is written up.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING are extra on all orders. U.S. customers please include $4.00 for literature orders and a $12.50 minimum for parts orders. Please allow more on heavy items. For international orders, we no longer estimate shipping due to rapidly changing shipping costs. We ship all international orders via US Postal Service. Please allow four weeks for shipping. A big percentage of our parts are manufactured here and are made after we receive orders for them. We have two machinists and due to all the repair work and partís being made they are sometimes very hard pressed to meet our desired shipping goal. On the other hand we have many orders that do go out within one or two days. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Conditions beyond our control may cause delayed shipping or backorders.
RETURNING PARTS: Please call first. If you are returning a part for a credit or exchange due to an error on your part, you are responsible for all shipping charges. If returned within 2 months, we will give you a store credit for the amount paid for the merchandise. Refunds will only be given for defective parts or a mistake thats our fault. All products returned after 2 months are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please call if you have any questions regarding our return or exchange policy.


Engine Parts
Alamo-Empire-Rock Island
Cushman "C"
Cushman "R"
(see Hercules)
Economy "Sparta"
Fairbanks Morse
Headless 1 1/2HP
Ignitor Fired 3-6HP
Sparkplug Fired
Style "ZC" 3HP & "52" model
Style "ZC" models 118, 208,
346, 503, 739
Style "D"
Fuller Johnson
Models D,E,F,G,H,S 1-1/2 to 12HP
Ideal "air-cooled"
Model "M"
"LA & LB"
(see Hercules)
John Deere
Nelson Bros.
Novo "S"
Sattley, New Sattley
"Head Type"
"Headless type"
Parts, Supplies, Accessories
Babbitt & supplies
Belting & Lacing
Flat Belt
Round Belt
Lacing, Alligator
Lacing, Clipper
Brass Mesh Wire
Check Balls
Check Valves, Fuel Line
In-Line (external)
Coil, Ignitor
Cotter Keys, Brass
Drillrod, Oil hardened
Fuel tank necks&caps
Gaskets (all engines)
Gasket Material
Gib Keys
Grraphite Packing
Hardware & Misc.
Ignition Parts
Ignitor Points
Fahnestock Clips
Low Tension Coil
Mica Tubes
Mica Washers
Spark Plug Wire
Spark Plug Clips
Spark Plugs
J-B Weld
Magneto Parts
Bosch "AB-33"
F/M Type "J"
F/M Type "R"
F/M Type "RV"
IHC "H-1"
John Deere
Wico 'EK'
Mica, wire, clips,etc.
Mufflers, Cast Iron
Nameplate fasteners
Nuts, Specialty
Thumb, Round Knurled
Oilers, Gas Engine & Parts
Oiler Filler Caps
Oiler Glass
Oiler Glass Gaskets
Oiler Sight Glass
Oiler Sight Glass Gaskets
Piston Rings
Sheet Stock, Copper&Brass
Taper Pins
Tubing, Copper
Woodruf Keys