Style "C" 3-36HP

Hit & Miss is an authorized distributor for F/M engines and parts, and we are one of the few offering parts for the older models such as the 3HP which was later designated as a model "52". The main difference between the two was the 3HP "C" used a base mounted mag and the "52" used a flange mounted mag. An early 6HP "C" is basically the same as the "118". Just about all parts are available through us for the "118, 208, 346, 503, & 739" including parts for type "J" clutches. The part's list for larger "ZC" engines is on the following page. This part's list is for the 3HP and "52" models only.
Part# Description Price
L10 Instruction & Parts 3HP (Use for "52" also) 2.20
HM2781 Bearing, Main, Top Insert Only #23 22.00
HM207 Carb Air Valve Disc. 3.50
HM209 Carb Air Valve Plate 21.0
HM211 Carb Air Valve Compensating Spring 3.30
HM213 Carb Fuel Line Check Valve 5.00
HM216 Carb Needle Valve, Start Side (Long) 22.65
HM218 Carb Needle Valve, Fuel Side (Short) 22.64
HM220 Carb Needle Valve Seat, Start Side 25.65
HM222 Carb Needle Valve Seat, Fuel Side 27.25
HM224 Carb Needle Seat Clamp, Fuel Side Only 7.50
HM2783 Crankshaft Felt 2.20
HM27835 Crankshaft felt retainer (washer) 2.80
HM2675 Crankhandle, Complete 88.00
HM225 Decal 5.00ea
HM2784 Exhaust Push Rod 20.00
HM233 Exhaust Push Rod End 24.05
HM2784B Exhaust Rocker Lever 49.70
HM2785 Fuel Tank 65.25
HM27852 Fuel Tank (for cast iron base) 62.50
HM2785B Fuel Tank, 6-7HP 76.25
HM239 Gasket, Air Valve Plate 1.65
HM241 Gasket, Butterfly Housing To Head 1.65
HM242 Gasket, Carb to Butterfly Housing 1.65
HM244 Gasket, Cylinder Head 9.90
HM2786 Gasket, Crankcase Cover 9.00
HM27863 Gov. throttle rod to carb 24.75
HM27865 Governor Assy. (gear, weights, yoke & shaft, etc.) 212.25
HM27866 Governor Gear And Shaft, LH Threads 95.25
HM27867 Governor Spindle Rod 23.45
HM27868 Gov Throttle Push Rod (Vert. rod in cam gear casting) 4.95
HM2541 Governor Spindle Rod Adjusting Screw 12.05
HM2787 Governor Weight 23.40
HM2581 Governor Weight Pin 1.20
HM27873 Governor Yoke, LH Threads 62.15
HM2789 Magneto Gear (Steel) 127.00
HM2594 Magneto, Type "J", Base Plate 27.00
HM2595 Magneto, Type "J", Coil 83.75
HM2596 Magneto, Type "J", Coil & Points Cover 46.25
HM2597 Magneto, Type "J", Condensor 13.50
HM2598 Magneto, Type "J", Points Set 28.50
HMR25 Piston Ring 3-5/8" X 1/8" (takes 2) 6.60ea
HMR26 Piston Ring, Oil 3-5/8" X 1/8" (takes 1) 7.70ea
HM02 Sparkplug, 1/2" NPT 5.50
HM01 Sparkplug, 7/8" straight thread(later models used this size) 5.50
HM263 Spring, Carb Needle 1.25
HM159 Spring, Crankhandle 6.75
HM2626 Spring, Governor Weight Drag 18.00
HM188 Spring, Exhaust Valve 6.00
HM267 Spring, Intake Valve 6.00
HM265 Spring, Throttle Butterfly 5.45
HM269 Valve, Exhaust 46.50
HM270 Valve, Intake 46.50
HM273 Valve Keeper, Exhaust 9.60
HM274 Valve Keeper, Intake 9.60
HM275 Valve Keeper Clip - 3/8" 1.35

Style "D" 1-1/2 and 2HP

All "D"s basically look alike and the majority of the parts interchange between the 1-1/2HP and the 2HP. The two main differences are-(1) the cylinder bore and piston for the 1 1/2HP is 2-1/4" and the 2HP is 2-3/8", and (2) On the early 1-1/2HP model the governor yoke is smaller in diameter and the governor weights are narrower at the swivel point. The weights we list here are for the later 1-1/2HP's and the 2HP. If you have the early 1-1/2HP with a broken weight, we have a fix for it (call). The "D"s used the same base mounted mags as earlier Models (R, RV, & J). Although we have a good supply of used parts, the pot metal mixer and pulley are not always available. We would be interested in purchasing or trading for these items, either good used or repros.
Part# Description Price
L12 Instruction & Parts 1-1/2HP 2.20
L13 Instruction & Parts 2HP 2.20
HM2793 Bearing, Camshaft, 1-1/4" length, good used, new available, ask us ***
HM2794 Bearing, Crank & Camshaft, 1-3/4" Length, good used, new available, ask us ***
HM2795 Bearing, Crankshaft, 2-1/4" Length, good used, new available, ask us ***
(Good used bearings may be available -approx 20% off)
HM207 *Carb (Mixer) Air Valve Disc 3.50
HM209 *Carb Air Valve Cover Plate, Cast Iron 21.00
HM211 *Carb Air Valve Compensating Spring 3.30
(*Not original style-Above three parts will work in place of original metal stamped air valve assy.)
HM218 *Carb Needle Valve 22.65
HM2797 Con. Rod Oil Slinger 18.90
HM280 Crankhandle 27.50
HM225 Decal 5.00ea
HM281 Felt, Magneto Cover Plate 3.05
HM282 Felt Oil Seal With Hole (need one for crankshaft and one for camshaft) 3.05
HM283 Felt Oil Seal Without Hole (need one for crankshaft blind end under the plug - note: some early models actually have the crankshaft protruding through the block, use HM282 in that case) 3.05
HM213 Fuel Line Check Valve 5.00
HM284 Fuel Tank 70.00
HM285 Gasket, Air Valve Assy. To Carb 1.65
HM286 Gasket, Carb To Block 1.65
HM287 Gasket, Crankcase Cover (5 pieces) 8.25
HM288 Gasket, Cylinder Head 7.15
HM2885 Governor Weight 23.55
HM2880 Magneto Gear, fits 'R', 'RV', 'J', Steel 119.80
Magneto Parts for "J" mag only-see under 3HP "C" section this page.
HM289 Muffler (Baffle plate-like the original) 9.35
HMR03 Piston Ring 2-1/4" X 1/8" 1-1/2HP (takes 3) 5.50ea
HMR04 Piston Ring 2-1/4" X 1/8" 1-1/2HP (oil) 7.70
HMR05 Piston Ring 2-3/8" X 1/8" 2HP (takes 3) 5.50ea
HMR06 Piston Ring 2-3/8" X 1/8" 2HP (oil) 7.70ea
HM01 Sparkplug 5.50
HM2894 Spring, Governor (goes inside camshaft) 4.40
HM263 Spring, Needle Valve 1.25
HM2896 Spring, Throttle Valve 3.30
HM2897 Spring, Valve 3.30
HM290 Valve, Exhaust or Intake (same), ind. shim 38.75