3 & 6HP "Z" Ignitor Models

These engines were made for approximately 4 years (1916-1919). The carb or mixer mounts on the side of the head above the pushrod and has the fuel pump built in to it, and the ignitor is in the side of the block adjacent to the carb. Sometimes we find the ignitor casting drilled out and tapped to accept a sparkplug along with a high tension magneto. This was an after market replacement sold by F/M and sometimes done by an individual to run the engine with a high tension coil. The early version of this engine used a gear driven mag mounted behind the hopper and the later version used what was called the Plugoscillator (the oscillating mag sat on the ignitor bracket). Each set-up requires a different trip assembly. We have some used parts for this engine, but carbs, mags and ignitors are scarce.
Part# Description Price
L165 Inst. & Parts 3-6HP w/rotary mag 5.50
L17 Inst. & Parts 3-6HP, Plugoscillator 4.40
HM170 Bearing, Rod, 3HP 54.00
HM171 Bearing, Rod, 6HP 75.00
HM172 Bearing, Main, 3HP 67.25
HM173 Bearing, Main, 6HP 87.00
HM2048 Bushing, Wrist Pin, 3HP 25.25
HM2049 Bushing, Wrist Pin, 6HP 30.85
HM1735 Butterfly Throttle Assy (goes in head) 3HP 66.75
HM1736 Butterfly Throttle Assy 6HP 77.65

HM174 Carb Checkball (under plunger) .55
HM175 Carb Drain Valve (overflow #105) 56.60
HM176 Carb Fill Hole Cover 13.75
HM177 Carb Needle Valve #76A 25.90
HM178 Carb Fuel Pump Plunger #65 37.45
HM1785 Carb Fuel Pump Body, brass, FM/G 125.25
HM179 Carb Fuel Pump Plunger Lever, 3HP #66 56.45
HM1791 Carb Fuel Pump Plunger Lever, 6HP #66 56.45
HM180 Carb Fuel Plunger Lever Lockout #75 30.10
HM1805 Carb Fuel Plunger Spring 3.50
HM1825 Cylinder Head Water Valve Assy. 73.15
HM225 Decal 5.00ea
HM18261 Exhaust Rocker Lever 3HP 66.15
HM18265 Exhaust Rocker Lever Pin, 3HP 25.95
HM18273 Exhaust Rocker Lever Bracket, 3HP 67.30
HM18285 Exhaust Rocker Lever 6HP 67.30
HM18287 Exhaust Rocker Lever Pin, 6HP 25.95
HM18297 Exhaust Rocker Lever Bracket, 6HP 67.85
HM181 Gasket, Cylinder Head 3HP 9.90
HM182 Gasket, Cylinder Head 6HP 12.65
HM183 Fuel Tank, 3HP (after engine #185864) 70.00
HM184 Fuel Tank, 6HP (after engine #185978) 85.00
  1916 early style tanks available, please call
HM185 Governor Speed Regulator Lever #209 25.90
HM185A Gov. Speed Lever Leaf Spring #222 23.60
HM185B Gov. Speed Lever Thumb Screw #224 22.50
HM185C Governor Throttle Rod, 3HP #205 20.35
HM185D Governor Throttle Rod, 6HP 22.50
HM185F Ignitor Trip Blade, #54, 3-6HP 37.05
HM185G Ignitor Trip Blade Carrier, #52 48.10
HMR43 Piston Ring, 3HP, 4 1/2" X 5/16" 8.80ea
HMR502 Piston Ring, 6HP, 5 1/2" X 3/8" 15.40ea
HM2613 Piston, Wrist Pin, 3HP 27.85
HM2614 Piston, Wrist Pin, 6HP 38.30
HM1878 Spring, Butterfly Throttle Assy. 10.80
HM188 Spring, Exhaust Valve 3-6HP 6.00
HM189 Spring, Intake Valve 3-6HP 6.00
HM1892 Spring, Intake Valve Drag 3-6HP 18.40
HM1895 Spring, Ignitor, 3-6HP (not for Plugoscillator) 7.25
HM264 Spring, Needle 2.00
HM190 Valve, Exhaust Or Intake, 3HP 52.80
HM191 Valve, Exhaust Or Intake, 6HP 59.40
HM2731 Valve Keeper, Exhaust 3-6HP 9.60
HM2741 Valve Keeper, Intake 3-6HP 9.60
HM2751 Valve Keeper Clip 7/16" 1.35
Requires 1 keeper & 1 clip per valve unless valve has a hole instead of a groove. Please be specific when ordering valve-groove or hole?