Model "Z" Headless 1-1/2HP

This engine was produced for approximately 3 years (1915-1918) and there was a minor design change or two during this period. The only one that should effect how you order is the style of ignitor your engine uses. We have found at least two different spring set-ups: one ignitor style uses one spring and the other uses two springs. The springs do not interchange. We have some used parts for this engine, but some parts are getting very difficult to locate.
Part# Description Price
L16 Inst. & Parts 3.30
HM150 Bearing, rod 42.00
HM1502 Bearing, main 47.60
HM2047 Bushing, rod (wristpin) #17 24.60
HM151 Carb (mixer) needle valve #76 23.00
HM152 Carb Suction Nozzle #263 23.00
HM2675 Crankhandle, complete 88.00
HM268 Crankhandle, Pawl Only 19.75
HM2685 Crankhandle, pawl pin only 3.45
HM225 Decal 5.00ea
HM153 Fuel line, brass #24 23.75
HM154 Fuel Line Bushing #47 14.20
HM855 Fuel Line Check Valve #19 17.40
HM156 Fuel tank #15 67.00
HM1568 Gov. weight fulcrum pin #254 23.75
HM157 Ignitor Trip Rod Slide Pin #143 23.40
HM1575 Ignitor Trip Rod #140 47.80
HMR23 Piston Ring 3-1/2" X 1/4" 6.60ea
HM2612 Piston Wrist Pin #7 25.25
HM159 Spring, Crankhandle Pawl #265 6.75
HM1595 Spring, Detente Arm #647 14.00
HM160 Spring, eyebolt & nut for gov. weight 23.75
HM161 Spring, Ignitor Tension (2 Spring Ignitor) 9.00
HM162 Spring, Ignitor Torsion (2 Spring Ignitor) 9.00
HM1625 Spring, Ignitor (Single Spring Ignitor) 9.00
HM163 Spring, Exhaust Valve #476 6.00
HM164 Spring, Intake Valve #656 5.25
HM165 Valve, exhaust #10 42.00
HM165A Valve, exhaust Spring Collar #11 22.30
HM166 Valve, Intake #9 42.00