Model "C" (Vertical 4-8HP)

Without going into details, we will simply say that there are several variations of the Cushman vertical engines, including twin cylinder models up to 20HP. Many parts interchange between the single cylinder models and quite a few parts interchange between the 4HP and the twin cylinder 8HP. Sometimes we have to tell you we’re not sure what is correct on certain parts or what interchanges, but we’ll try to help and we do have some used parts.
Part# Description Price
L05 Inst. & Parts, 4HP 5.50
L051 Instruction 4-8HP 3.30
L052 Advertising Pamphlet 1.65
HM101 Bearing, Rod, Single Bolt Cap 42.00
HM1011 Bearing, Rod, Four Bolt Cap 42.00
HM1015A Carb Float for Schebler 35.70
HM102 Carb Adj. Needle-Schebler 22.70
HM103 Decal
HM1035 Muffler (cap, nipple, & street elbow) 33.60
HMR325 Piston Ring 4"X 3/16" 8.80ea
HMR34 Piston Ring 4"X 1/4" 8.80ea
HM1040 Piston Wrist Pin 4-8HP 35.85
HM02 Sparkplug, 1/2" pipe thread 5.50
HM1045 Timer Contact Spring 23.45
HM1046 Timer Fibre Block 23.45
HM1047 Spring, Intake Valve 4.40
HM4075 Spring, Exhaust (substitute) 7.15
HM105 Valve, Exhaust 42.00
HM106 Valve, Intake 42.00
HM108 Valve, Intake, Cage Gasket 5.00

Model "R" Cub

Your Cushman nameplate may identify your engine as a Cushman Cub, Bean Special, Farm Master, or Massey Harris. Horsepower will be from 1-1/2 to 4HP or from R-2 to R-40. Although many parts interchange there are variations in flywheels, pistons, and heads, but we have the experience to ask you questions that will help you order the correct parts for your engine. Our supply of used parts is usually fair to good.
Part# Description Price
L06 Inst. & Parts, Model "R" 2-4HP 2.75
L061 Inst. & Parts Model "R" R2-R40 3.30
HM119 Bearing, Rod 42.00
HM1195 Bushing, Rod 19.60
HM120 Carb Mixer Body Cap, Brass 65.10
HM120A Carb Mixer Body Cap, Aluminum 59.15
HM121 Carb Needle Valve, "R" 1-1/2 to 4HP 23.00
HM122 Carb Needle Valve, "R" R2-R40 23.00
HM1222 Check Valve, fuel line with fitting 21.60
HM1223 Check Valve, R-12, R-14 only, with fitting 21.60
HM124 Decal, Cushman "Cub" (3 bears) 9.35ea
HM1227 Gasket, Antisplasher 2.20
HM123 Gasket, Cylinder Head 10.45
HM123A Guide, Exhaust Valve 39.25
HM125 Inspection Plate (over ex. push rod) 17.50
HM1250 Mag., EK, Trip Rocker Arm 64.70
HM1250A Mag. trip rocker adjusting bolt 17.00
HM1251 Mag., EK, Armeture Trip Yoke assy. 37.50
HM1252 Main bearing felt washer 2.20
HM1254 Muffler 34.50
HM1255 Piston, (give HP or model) 185.00
HM1257 Piston Wrist Pin 21.15
HMR18 Piston Ring 3-1/4" X 3/16" 6.60ea
HMR22 Piston Ring 3-1/2" X 3/16" 6.60ea
HMR30 Piston Ring 3-3/4" X 3/16" 6.60ea
HM01 Sparkplug, 7/8" straight thread 5.50
HM126 Spring, mag drive (Wico EK) 4.40
HM127 Spring, mag return (Wico EK) 4.40
HM128A Spring, Exhaust Valve 5.25
HM130 Spring, Intake Valve 5.25
HM131 Valve, Exhaust 42.00
HM132 Valve, Intake 38.80