A bunch of these engines were manufactured, but not many used parts are available. We have drawings on valves & misc. however and we can special order exhaust levers, crankguards, mufflers and springs for up to 3HP.

Part# Description Price
L08 Instructions & Parts, Type 'A"", 1-16HP 6.50
M045 Bearing, Rod, 1-1/2HP w/1-1/4" shaft 42.00
M048 Carb (mixer) Needle Valve, 1-1/2 3-1/2HP 23.00
M065 Gasket, Copper O-Ring for Ignitor, all HP 6.25
Piston Rings

IDEAL Air Cooled
Two styles, three sizes and the "Bluffton". The early style had a rounded cover over the crankcase and the later style had a rectangular cover held on with four bolts. We identify the size by the flywheel diameter which is 10"=3/4HP, 11"=1HP, & 12-1/2"-1-1/2HP. Most of the Ideal engines were taken off of lawnmowers and the serial plate was on the toolbox which was mounted on the mower. Bluffton bought Ideal out (at least the engine parts and design) and you usually find Blufftons on a wood frame. Instead of using the Lunkenheimer style mixer they used a mixer that looks identical to a Hercules 1-1/2HP mixer. The early Ideals used the battery and coil ignition and the later models were a vailable with the Wico 'EK' magneto or battery and coil. Parts aren't real plentiful, but we have a few.

Part# Description Price
L28 Instructions & Parts, Rectangular C/C Cover 4.40
L280 Instructions & Parts, Round C/C Cover 4.40
HM4337 Governor speeder Latch, X81, 1-1/2HP 28.25
HM4338 Governor Weight, 3/4HP 57.75
HM434 Governor Weight, 1-1/2HP 57.75
HM4342 Weight Throwout Spring & Adjusting Screw, all sizes 21.75/b>
HM4347 Detent Lever Assy., 3/4HP 99.25
HM435 Detent Lever, 1HP 99.25
HM436 Detent Lever, 1-1/2HP 99.25
HM4366 Timer block assy. - please call 32.50
HM437 Valve, exhaust or intake, 1HP, 11" flywheels 32.00
HM4375 Valve, exhaust or intake, 1-1/2HP, 12-1/2" flywheels 37.00
HM4385 Valve Plug, Exhaust, brass, all HP 52.50
HM4386 Valve Plug, Intake, brass, all HP 55.25
HM4387 Valve Plug Tool 10.45

Monitor 1-1/4HP 'VJ'
Part# Description Price
LS104 Operating Instructions, 1-1/4 to 8HP 4.00
L103 Parts Only 2.50
L46 Monitor Catalog #45, Products 13.50
L465 Monitor Catalog #51E, Products 10.50
M55 Bearing, Rod 42.00
M55C Carb (mixer) Needle Valve 23.75
HMR22 Piston Ring, 3-1/2" X 3/16" 6.60ea
M55E Valve, Exhaust 39.50
M55I Valve, Intake 39.50
Valve Springs, We suggest using Hercules 1-1/2HP as follows:
HM406 Spring, Exhaust Valve, 1-1/2 to 2HP 5.25
HM408 Spring, Intake Valve, 1-1/2 to 2HP 5.25

Nelson Brothers "U" or "T" 1-3/4 to 3HP
***Also sold as Sattley, Jumbo, Monarch, Sun, etc. Read description carefully-please call if you have any questions. We have some used original parts for these engines. Call us and we can help you identify which model you have.
Part# Description Price
L482 Instructions & Parts, Nelson Brothers 'T', WICO mag. 6.50
HM757 Bearing, Connecting Rod, 1-3/4HP 40.25
HM7572 Bearing, Main, 1-3/4HP (order one for each side) 43.25
HM7574 Carb (mixer), Needle Valve, 1-3/4HP 22.50
NS110 Decal, all Sattley engines 7.00
HM7576 Exhaust Rocker Arm, 1-3/4HP 48.55
HM758 Gasket, Carb (mixer), 1-3/4HP 3.50
HM758B Gasket, Mag. Bracket 3.50
HM758H Gasket, Cylinder Head 11.00
HM758N Magneto bracket, mounts on head 110.00
HM759 Magneto, "EK", Trip Bracket #16 52.25
HM7593 Magneto, "EK", Trip Rod and Bushing 32.85
HM7595 Magneto, "EK", Trip Rod #14, Includes #EK272 50.00
EK272 Magneto, "EK", Trip Rocker Retard Lever 5.00
HM7597 Magneto, "EK", Trip Rod Drive Spring 4.50
HM7598 Magneto, "EK", Trip Rod Return Spring 4.50
HMR30 Piston Ring, 3-3/4" X 3/16" (takes 3) 6.60ea
HM760 Valve, Exhaust, 1-3/4HP 39.50
HM7605 Valve, Intake, 1-3/4HP 39.50

Part# Description Price
L57 Instructions & Parts, New Sattley 4.50
NS100 Carb (mixer), Choke Plate 7.25
NS105 Carb (mixer), Fuel Needle Valve 22.50
NS107 Carb (mixer), Fuel Needle Valve Seat 24.00
NS110 Decal, Sattley and New Sattley 7.00
NS111 Fuel Line assy. w/3/16" tubing 11.00
NS114 Fuel Tank 70.00
NS121C Gasket, Carb to Head 2.50
NS20 Gasket, Cylinder Head 10.00
NS45 Magneto Bracket, late style 32.75
NS50 Magneto "EK", Trip Rocker 50.00
NS51S Magneto Trip Drive Spring 4.40
NS52S Magneto Trip Return Spring 4.40
HMR30 Piston Ring, 3-3/4" X 3/16" (takes 3) 6.60ea
NS55 Valve, Exhaust or Intake 39.50
NS56 Valve, Exhaust Rocker Arm 44.00
NS56S Valve, Exhaust Rocker Arm-Sattley (early New Sattley) 48.00

A well known engine, especially their drag saw. We don't have a lot on Ottawa but we do get some parts in occasionally.
Part# Description Price
L52 Instructions & Parts, 2HP-BS, 4&5HP-TE 2.75
Engine and Log, Limb & Tree Saw Parts
L53 Instructions & Parts, Log & Tree Saw, "LS-E' 2.50
L535 Catalog, 5HP w/WICO 'EK' and Log Saw 9.35
M59 Carb Needle, brass carb 22.55
M60L Carb Needle, (Long, start side) 4-5HP “TE” 1/4” stem 24.00
M60 Carb Needle, (Long, start side) 4-5HP “TE” 5/16” stem 24.00
M61S Carb Needle (Short, fuel side) 4-5HP “TE” 1/4” stem 24.00
M61 Carb Needle (Short, fuel side) 4-5HP “TE” 5/16” stem 24.00
M63 Carb Needle Valve Seat, fuel side* 24.00
M634 Carb Needle Valve Seat, start side* 24.00
*Please give diameter of needle valve.
M64 Exhaust Valve Rocker Arm, TE, 4-5HP 47.25
M642 Intake Valve Rocker Arm, TE, 4-5HP 44.75
M635 Fuel tank w/brackets, Log Saw, attaches to head 74.25
M65 Push Rod, Exhaust or Intake, TE, 4-5HP, kerosene 18.75
M66 Push Rod Adjuster End, TE, 4-5HP 22.50
M70 Valve, Exhaust or Intake, TE, 4-5HP 39.50
We can supply valves, rings, grease cups, etc. and can rebuild most parts - call us.