"HEAD" Type 1-1/2 to 7HP

The first engines of this style appeared in 1922 and for approximately the first year they were equipped with a Bosch oscillating magneto mounted on the side of the block. They were designated as models 'B' and 'C' for the first five years of production, and later models (approx. 1927 on) as 'F', 'H', 'K' and 'J'. Again, the number's game was played and HP's were raised by one. When ordering parts please give us the diameter of your piston so we can help you order the correct parts. For instance, there is a 3HP with a 3-3/4" bore and a 3HP with a 4-1/4" bore and Witte chose not to put the model on the serial tag. Some serial tags have 1/2 added to the HP (again, the diameter of the cyl. is the most important information you can give us). At one time we had a 2HP, 2-1/2HP, and 3HP in the engine barn, all the same size. We can tell you that the enclosed crankcase engines were self-oiling, and had Timken bearings. The 'B'&'C' had one piece blocks and the 'F'&'H' had detachable water hoppers. Now it gets easier. Many of the parts required to make the engines run will interchange. We have some used parts and we'll try to help you with technical advice.
Part# Description Price
L65 Instruction & Parts, 2-25HP 4.50
LS147 Parts Only, 'F and 'H' models, 2-30HP 2.25
L660 Serial Number List .50
LS1455 Advertising, Approx. 1928, 6 pages 2.25
HM851 Cam Gear Oiler Nipple 2-5HP 12.50

HM853 Carb Air Valve Disc, 2-3HP 2.50
HM8535 Carb Air Valve Disc, 5-6HP 2.50
HM854 Carb Air Valve Plate, 2-4HP 15.50
HM8545 Carb Air Valve Plate, 5-6HP 17.75
HM855 Carb Check Valve, 1/8"NPT, all sizes 15.50
HM856 Carb Fill Hole Lid, 2-3HP 8.50
HM8565 Carb Fill Hole Lid, 5-6HP 11.75
HM857 Carb Needle Valve (start), 2-5HP 22.50
HM858 Carb Needle Valve (fuel), 2-5HP 22.50
HM859 Carb Needle Valve seat, 2-5HP 37.50
HM860 Carb Speed Adj. Knob & Screw, 2-5HP 16.00
HM861 Crankguard, 2-3HP 32.50
HM8612 Crankguard, 3-4HP, 4-1/4" bore 37.50
HM862 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 2HP & 3HP with 3-3/4" Bore 44.00
HM8620 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 3-4HP, 4-1/4" bore 49.25
HM8621 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 5HP 52.50
HM8622 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 7HP 60.00
HM8624 Exhaust Rocker Lever Shaft & Nut, 2-3HP 21.00
HM8626 Exhaust Rocker Lever Shaft & Nut, 5-6HP 24.50
HM862A Exhaust Push Rod, 2HP 25.00
HM862AA Exhaust Push Rod, 3-4HP, 4-1/4" bore 27.50
HM862B Exhaust Push Rod, 5HP 29.70
HM863 Fuel Tank 11" X 3" (Round), 2-4HP 52.25
HM864 Fuel Tank 13" X 3-1/2" (Round), 4-5HP 61.00
HM865 Gasket, Head, 2-3HP 9.50
HM8651 Gasket, Head, 3HP with 4-1/4" bore 10.00
HM865A Gasket, Head, 5HP 12.00
HM865F Gear, Govenor (with threads) 54.50
GR05 Grease Cup, Rod, 2-3HP 12.25
GR07 Grease Cup, Main, 2-3HP 16.50
GR08 Grease Cup, Main, 5HP 18.25

HM866 Magneto, Trip Rod, 2-3HP 42.00
HM867 Magneto timing bushing (retard lever) 71.50
HM868 Muffler, 2-3HP 24.50
HM868A Muffler, 5HP 29.50
HME41 Oiler, 2-3HP 67.10
HME43 Oiler, 5HP 76.45
HMR20 Piston Ring, 3-1/4" X 1/4", 1-1/2HP 6.60ea
HMR31 Piston Ring, 3-3/4" X 1/4", 2-3HP 6.60ea
HMR37 Piston Ring, 4-1/4" X 1/4", 3-4HP 8.80ea
HMR47 Piston Ring, 5" X 5/16", 5-6HP 13.20ea
HM02 Spark plug, 1/2" NPT 5.50
HM869 Spring, Carb Filler Lid 3.00ea
HM870 Spring, Needle Valve, 2-3HP 2.25ea
HM871 Spring, Speed Adjusting, 2-5HP 3.50
HM872 Spring, Mag Armature Return, 2-5HP 4.00
HM873 Spring, Mag Drive, 2-5HP 4.00
HM873A Spring, Timing Bushing 4.00
HM874 Spring, Exhaust Valve, 2-3HP 5.25
HM875 Spring, Intake Valve, 2-3HP 5.25
HM877 Valve, Exhaust, 2-3HP 37.50
HM878 Valve, Exhaust, 5HP 43.50
HM879 Valve, Intake, 2-3HP 37.50
HM880 Valve, Intake, 5-6HP 42.50

"Headless" Models, 1-1/2 to 22HP
Made from 1911-1922 these engines came in 1 1/2-22HP. Witte (Some pronounce it Wit and other's Witty) provided owner's with a better than average instruction book, but their part's list along with lack of any ID on their castings leave something to be desired for todays part's dealers. While searching for parts we suggest checking with us every so often as we get new parts engines in. We have a fair supply of used parts for Witte.

Part# Description Price
L66 Instruction & Parts #14, 1-1/2 to 11HP 4.50
L66A Instruction & Parts #19, 2 to 22HP 6.00
HM884 Carb (Mixer) Throttle Valve #67 21.25
HM885 Carb (Mixer) Check Valve Cage, 1/4", #76 23.00
HM8851 Carb (Mixer) Check Valve Dart, 1/4", #34 7.00
HM886 Carb (Mixer) Check Valve Cage, 3/8", #76 23.00
HM8861 Carb (Mixer) Check Valve Dart, 3/8", #34 7.00
HM8925 Crankguard, 2HP 32.50
HM8926 Crankguard, 3HP 37.50
HM863 Fuel Tank, 11" Diam. X 3" Height 52.25
HM864 Fuel Tank, 13" Diam. X 3-1/2" Height 61.00
HM894 Governor Blade, 2-6HP, #15 22.50
HM8942 Govenor latch #25 45.50
HM8945 Spark Shift Lever, 2-6HP 23.00
Piston Rings
HM895 Spring, Exhaust, 2HP 6.00
HM8954 Spring, Intake, 2HP 6.00
HM897 Timer Contact Spring #27 18.25
HM898 Timer Spring Fiber Block 31.00
HM8985 Valve Cage Copper O-Ring, 2HP 4.50
HM8987 Valve Cage Copper O-Ring, 4HP 5.00
HM899 Valve, Exhaust, 2HP 37.50
HM899A Valve, Intake, 2HP 37.50