Model "E" 1-1/2 to 6HP
You may have an early JD that has the Waterloo name on the nameplate, or possibly you have a not so common sparkplug model, but regardless, all "E's" are basically the same which makes identifying parts and ordering a snap. If you don't see the parts you need on this list give us a call as we usually have a fair selection of used parts. NOTE: Besides offering magneto and ignitor repair we also can repair your broken governor by replacing the gear, and/or threaded end, or brazing broken yokes (holds the weights). If you have extra broken or good gov. parts, we would be interested in buying or trading for them.

L391 Serial Number List 1.00
L39 Instruction & Parts, 1 1/2-6HP 3.85
HM700 Bearing, Rod 1 1/2HP 32.75
HM7001 Bearing, Rod 3HP 42.50
HM70015 Bearing, Rod 6HP 49.50
HM7002 Bearing, Main 1 1/2HP 42.75
HM7003 Bearing, Main 3HP 50.25
HM70035 Bearing, Main 6HP 62.55
HM7004 Bushing, Connecting Rod 1 1/2HP 18.75
HM70041 Bushing, Connecting Rod 3HP 23.50
HM70043 Bushing, Connecting Rod 6HP 27.75
HM7005 Bushing, Gov. Or Cam Shaft 1 1/2-3HP 28.25
HM7006 Bushing, Cam Shaft, 6HP 36.00
HM7007 Bushing, Gov. Shaft, 6HP 37.25
HM701 Carb, Check Valve 1 1/2-6HP 12.00
HM702 Carb, Choke Plate 1 1/2-3HP 6.25
HM703 Carb, Needle Valve 1 1/2-3HP 22.00
HM7031 Carb, Needle Valve 6HP 24.00
HM704 Carb, Needle Valve Seat, 1-1/2 to 3HP 28.00
HM7041 Carb, Needle Valve Seat, 6HP 32.50
HM7043 Crankcase Cover Oil Guard, 1-1/2HP 18.50
HM7045 Crankhandle 16.00
HM7046 Crankhandle Pin (6HP available) 7.00
HM705 Decal, John Deere 1 1/2HP 3.00ea
HM706 Decal, John Deere 3HP 3.50ea
HM707 Decal, John Deere 6HP 6.00ea
HM708 Exhaust Lever, 1 1/2HP 49.50
HM709 Exhaust Lever, 3HP 52.00
HM7092 Exhaust Lever, 6HP 82.00
HM7095 Exhaust Lever Pivot, 1 1/2-3HP 17.50
HM7096 Exhaust Lever Pivot bolt, 6HP 22.50
HM710 Exhaust Lever Adjusting Bolt 16.55
HM7105 Exhaust Push Rod 1 1/2HP 33.75
HM7106 Exhaust Push Rod 3HP 38.50
WEB07 Exhaust Lever Pivot Oil Cup 1 1/2-3HP 3.25
HM7108 Flywheel Key 1 1/2-3HP 15.00
HM711 Fuel Line Assy. Complete 1 1/2HP 34.50
HM712 Fuel Line Assy. Complete 3HP 37.00
HM713 Fuel Line Assy. Complete 6HP 37.00
HM714 Fuel Tank, Square Ends 1 1/2HP 49.50
HM715 Fuel Tank, Square Ends 3HP 57.50
HM7153 Fuel Tank, Square Ends 6HP 79.00
HM7155 Fuel & Oiler Filler Plug 15.00
HM716 Gasket, Cylinder Head 1 1/2HP 9.00
HM717 Gasket, Cylinder Head 3HP 11.00
HM7175 Gasket, Cylinder Head 6HP 16.00
HM718 Gasket, Crankcase Bottom (Takes 2) 1 1/2HP 7.50
HM719 Gasket, Crankcase Bottom 3HP 8.50
HM7195 Gasket, Crankcase Bottom 6HP 16.00
HM720 Gasket, Crankcase Top 1 1/2HP 6.05
HM721 Gasket, Crankcase Top 3HP 7.50
HM7215 Gasket, Crankcase Top 6HP 12.50
HM722 Gasket, Ignitor 1 1/2-6HP 4.00
HM723 Gasket, Governor Cover 1 1/2HP 5.00
HM724 Gasket, Governor Cover 3HP 6.00
HM7245 Gasket, Governor Cover 6HP 8.50
HM725 Gasket, Magneto Cover 1 1/2-6HP 2.00
HM726 Gasket, Magneto, Oil Seal 1 1/2-6HP 4.00
HM7261 Gasket Set 1 1/2HP 43.00
HM7262 Gasket Set 3HP 48.00
HM7263 Gasket Set 6HP 77.50

Send us your broken gov. for the following repairs:
HM7265 Governor Gear Replacement, 1 1/2-3HP 70.25
HM7265A Governor Gear Replacement, 6HP 80.00
HM7266 Gov. Threaded End Replacement 1 1/2-3HP 47.50
HM7269 Gov. Speed Adjusting Knob & Screw 20.25
HM72691 Ignitor Trip Assy. (complete w/spring) 1-1/2 to 3HP 92.50
HM72693 Ignitor Trip Finger Bracket 1 1/2-3HP 41.25
HM72695 Ignitor Trip Finger 1 1/2-6HP 41.25
HM72696 Ignitor Trip Finger Pin 1 1/2-6HP 10.00
HM72697 Ignitor Anvil Pin 10.00
HM7269A Ignitor Anvil 55.00
W113A Ignitor Mica Tube (1 3/4" Length) 3.75
W114I Ignitor Mica Washers (3/4" Stacks) 3.00
W115 Ignitor Points 1 1/2-6HP 4.50
W1153A Ignitor Points, "Special" 1/8" diam. stem, 5/16" lgth. 12.50
W1153B Ignitor Points, "Special" 3/16" diam. stem, 5/16" lgth. 12.50
W117 Ignitor Wire (Per Foot) 1.25
HM7269B Magneto Armature Commutator (rear shaft) 44.00
HM7269C Magneto Armature Drive End (front shaft) 48.00
HM7269D Magneto Name Band 15.50
HM7269E Magneto Carbon Brush (tower brush) 5.50
HM7269H Magneto Housing End Cap (rear cover) 48.00
HM7269J Magneto Lead Out Tower 27.50
HM7269K Magneto Hole Cover Plate, 1-1/2 to 6HP 13.75
HM727 Muffler 1 1/2-3HP 53.25
HM728 Oil Pan 1 1/2HP 29.00
HM729 Oil Pan 3HP 31.00
HM7291 Oil Pan, 6HP 42.00
HM7295 Piston 1 1/2HP (Wrist Pin Not Inc.) 190.00

(Oversize Available to 3.530)
HMR23 Piston Ring, 3 1/2" X 1/4" 1 1/2HP 6.60ea
HMR43 Piston Ring, 4 1/2" X 5/16" 3HP 8.80ea
HMR526 Piston Ring, 6" X 5/16" 6HP 19.25ea
HM730 Piston Wrist Pin 1 1/2HP 33.25
HM731 Piston Wrist Pin 3HP 33.25
HM7312 Piston Wrist Pin 6HP 37.50
HM7315 Pulley, reproduction of original, 1-1/2HP 55.50
HM732 Spring, Exhaust Lever 1 1/2-3HP 8.00
HM7325 Spring, Governor Control 1 1/2-6HP 4.75
HM7327 Spring, Governor spindle rod 5.25
HM733 Spring, Ignitor Tension 1 1/2-6HP 6.00
HM734 Spring, Ignitor Torsion (Small) 1 1/2-3HP 6.00
HM735 Spring, Ignitor Trip Finger 1 1/2-6HP 6.00
HM736 Spring, Needle Valve 1 1/2-3HP 1.25
HM738 Spring, Exhaust Valve 1 1/2-3HP 5.25
HM739 Spring, Intake Valve 1 1/2-3HP 5.25
HM740 Valve, Exhaust or Intake 1 1/2HP 41.00
HM741 Valve, Exhaust or Intake 3HP 45.00
HM742 Valve, Exhaust or Intake 6HP 51.00