IHC-McCormick-Deering Model 'M' 1-1/2 to 6HP

For the money possibly the best engine built for it's time (1917-1937) Well constructed and when right every one starts exactly the same (even the 10HP) and runs like a clock. All "M's" are throttle governed and basically look the same. The 3 & 6HP had no major design changes, but did change the cylinder head and block casting to accommodate the ignitor or sparkplug ignition system. The early engines had ignitors (to 1921), then a switch to sparkplug with a rotary Bosch mag, and in 1924 Wico "EK" magnetos were introduced. The 1-1/2HP ignition system, etc. changed the same as the larger sizes, but there was an additional change with the 1-1/2HP when IHC switched from Bosch to Wico EK mags. The cylinder block had a larger bore (3-5/8" compared to the smaller bore of 3-1/4" for the earlier blocks). Please remember there can be exceptions to anything. We have the experience to help you order the correct parts for your 'M'.


IHC "M" 10HP Bearings, valves, all carb parts and piston rings now available. Please call or email for prices. Also, cylinder hear, carb, ignitor and magneto rebuilding available.
Part# Description Price
L33 Instruction & Parts, 1-1/2 to 6HP, ignitor models 6.60
L31 Instruction & Parts, 1-1/2 to 6HP, spark plug models 7.70
L32 Shop Manual, 1-1/2 to 6HP, spark plug models 10.45
HM4501 Bearing, Rod, 1-1/2HP 40.50
HM4502 Bearing, Rod, 3HP 47.50
HM4503 Bearing, Rod, 6HP 62.50
HM450310 Bearing, Rod, 10HP 117.50
HM4504 Bearing, Main, 1-1/2HP 43.75
HM4505 Bearing, Main, 3HP 56.00
HM4506 Bearing, Main, 6HP 87.50
HM450610 Bearing, Main, 10HP 192.50
HM4507 Bushing, Connecting Rod, 1-1/2HP 32.75
HM4508 Bushing, Connecting Rod, 3HP 29.70
HM4509 Bushing, Connecting Rod, 6HP 36.00

HM451 Carb Choke Plate, 1-1/2HP 5.50
HM452 Carb Choke Plate, 3HP 5.50
HM453 Carb Choke Plate, 6HP 5.50
HM454 Carb Compensating Valve, 1-1/2HP 19.50
HM455 Carb Compensating Valve, 3HP 20.50
HM456 Carb Compensating Valve, 6HP 22.50
HM457 Carb Compensating Valve Stud & Nut, 1-1/2HP 7.25
HM458 Carb Compensating Valve Stud & Nut, 3HP 7.25
HM459 Carb Compensating Valve Stud & Nut, 6HP 7.25
HM460 Carb Back Round Cover, 1-1/2HP 8.50
HM461 Carb Back Round Cover, 3HP 8.50
HM4610 Carb Back Round Cover, 6HP 8.75
HM46101 Carb Body 3-way Valve (early), 1-1/2HP 66.00
HM46102 Carb Body 3-way Valve (early), 3HP 69.00
HM46103 Carb Body 3-way Valve (early), 6HP 78.00
HM46104 Carb 3-way Valve Hold Down (flat spring) 15.50
HM46105 Carb Draincock, 1/8" Brass 7.35
HM46107 Carb Drain Plug, 1/4" NPT .50
HM4613 Carb Filler Plug, Round Brass, 1-1/2 to 3HP 14.05
HM4614 Carb Filler Plug, Round Plain, 1-1/2 to 3HP 13.65
HM46142 Carb Filler Plug, Round, 6HP 12.40
HM4615 Carb Filler Plug, Half Round, 1-1/2 to 3HP 5.60
HM4616 Carb Filler Plug, Rectangular, 1-1/2 to 3HP 17.70
HM46162 Carb Filler Plug, Rectangular, 6HP 20.35
HM4617 Carb Filler Plug, 3/8" NPT 3.30
HM4618 Carb Filler Plug Chain, 1 foot 3.30
HM4619 Carb Filler Plug Chain S-hook .85
HM462 Carb Fuel Line Elbow, 1/4 NPT to 3/8" tube 2.75
HM4623 Carb Fuel Line Connector, 1/4 NPT to 3/8" tube 1.40
HM464 Carb Needle Valve 1-1/2 to 3HP, 1 or 3 needle carb 21.50
HM4645 Carb Needle Valve 1-1/2 to 3HP, 2 needle carb only 23.50
HM465 Carb Needle Valve 6HP 3 needle carb only 23.50
HM4655 Carb Needle Valve 3-6HP, 2 needle carb only 23.50
HM466 Carb Needle Valve Siphon Seat, 1-1/2 to 3HP 17.00
HM467 Carb Needle Valve Siphon Seat, 6HP 19.00
HM468 Carb Needle Valve Siphon Nut, 1-1/2 to 3HP 7.50
HM469 Carb Needle Valve Siphon Nut, 6HP 8.50
HM4698 Carb Needle Pointer Plate, Gas Carb Only, 1-1/2 11.00
HM470 Carb Needle Pointer, 2 or 3 points, 1-1/2 to 3HP 11.00
HM471 Carb Needle Pointer, 2 or 3 points, 6HP 11.30
HM472 Carb Water Pressure Valve (give HP) 51.45
HM473 Carb Venturi Sleeve, 1-1/2HP 3.05
HM474 Carb Venturi Sleeve, 3HP 3.05
HM475 Carb Venturi Sleeve, 6HP 3.05
HM479 Crankcase Breather Valve, 1-1/2 to 6HP 71.50
HM4795 Crankshaft Grease Cup, L/H Threads, 1-1/2 - 6HP
Looking for supplier. Sometimes originals are available, call.
Not Available
HM4799 Cylinder Sleeve "O" Ring, 1-1/2HP, 3-1/4" bore 7.45
HM480 Cylinder Sleeve "O" Ring, 1-1/2HP, 3-5/8" bore 7.45
HM4801 Cylinder Sleeve "O" Ring, 3HP 8.00
HM4802 Cylinder Sleeve "O" Ring, 6HP 8.00
A note on decal placement. The Globe decal goes on the flywheel side of the engine, the McCormick Deering or International decal goes on the pulley side.
HM485 Decal, McCormick-Deering, 1-1/2 to 3HP 4.00ea
HM486 Decal, McCormick-Deering, 6HP 10.00ea
HM487 Decal, IHC Double Globe, 1-1/2HP 4.00ea
HM488 Decal, IHC Double Globe, 3HP 6.00ea
HM489 Decal, IHC Double Globe, 6HP 10.00ea
HM4865 Decal, "International", 1-1/2 to 3HP 5.50ea
HM4892 Eccentric Plate,(holds trip arm on), 1-1/2 to 3HP 4.95
HM4893 Eccentric Plate,6HP 4.95
K205 Eccentric Gib Key, 1-1/2HP 5.00
K206 Eccentric Gib Key, 3-6HP 5.00
HM490 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 1-1/2HP 42.50
HM491 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 3HP 46.00
HM492 Exhaust Rocker Lever, 6HP 54.00
HM493 Exhaust Rocker Push Rod, 1-1/2HP 25.05
HM4931 Exhaust Rocker Push Rod, 3HP 27.50
HM4932 Exhaust Rocker Push Rod, 6HP 29.70
HM494 Flywheel Gib Key, 3-1/2", 1-1/2HP 6.50
HM4941 Flywheel Gib Key, 4", 1-1/2HP 6.50
HM4942 Flywheel Gib Key, 3-1/2", 3HP 8.75
HM4943 Flywheel Gib Key, 4", 3HP 9.50
HM4944 Flywheel Gib Key, 4-1/2", 6HP 8.75
HM4945 Flywheel Gib Key, 5", 6HP 8.75
HM495 Fuel Filler Assy., consists of HM495A, B & C 38.00
HM495A Fuel Filler Pipe and Cap 15.00
HM495B Fuel Filler Pipe Elbow with Fitting 25.00
HM495C Fuel Filler Nipple to Tank 1.95
HM496 Fuel pump check valve (early), 1-1/2 to 6HP 62.50
HM497 Fuel Pump, Eared Cap On Plunger, 1-1/2HP 102.60
All fuel pumps are cast iron and tested before shipping.
HM4971 Fuel Pump Plunger Shaft, Eared Cap, 1-1/2HP 35.00
HM498 Fuel Pump, Button Cap On Plunger, 1-1/2HP 99.00


HM4981 Fuel Pump Plunger Shaft (Button Top) 22.00
HM499 Fuel Pump, 3HP 112.50
HM500 Fuel Pump, 6HP 128.05
HM5000 Fuel Pump Lever, Button Cap, 1-1/2HP 27.50
P257 Fuel Pump Checkball, 5/16" .55
P258 Fuel Pump Checkball, 3/8" .75
HM5002 Fuel Pump Packing Gland 1-1/2HP (Earred Pump) 10.45
HM5002A Fuel Pump Packing Gland 1-1/2HP (Button Top Pump) 10.45
HM5003 Fuel Pump, Packing Gland 3HP 10.45
HM5004 Fuel Pump, Packing Gland, 6HP 10.45
HM501 Fuel Pump Packing (Per Foot) 2.75
HM503 Fuel Tank, Galvanized 1-1/2HP 62.00
HM504 Fuel Tank, Galvanized 3HP 68.75
HM505 Fuel Tank, Galvanized 6HP 77.50
HM5050 Fuel Tank Siphon Elbow 1-1/2 to 6HP 26.95

(Goes in top of tank-fuel pickup)
HM5050E Fuel Tank Siphon Elbow, early models, 1/4" NPT 26.95
HM5051 Gasket, Carb to Head, 1-1/2HP, 2-3 needle carb 2.25
HM5051G Gasket, Carb to Head, 1-1/2HP, single needle carb 3.50
HM5052 Gasket, Carb to Head 3HP 2.50
HM50525 Gasket, Carb to Head 6HP 3.05
HM505A Gasket, Carb Top (Gas) 1-1/2HP 3.05
HM505B Gasket, Carb Top (Kerosene) 1-1/2HP 3.05
HM505C Gasket, Carb Top 3HP 3.05
HM505D Gasket, Carb Top 6HP 4.70
HM50528 Gasket, Crankcase breather, 1-1/2 to 6HP 1.95
HM5053 Gasket, Cylinder Head (Ign.) 1-1/2HP 9.35
HM5054 Gasket, Cylinder Head (S/P) 1-1/2HP 9.90
HM5055 Gasket, Cylinder Head 3HP 11.00
HM5056 Gasket, Cylinder Head 6HP 11.55
HM5057 Gasket, Handhole 1-1/2HP 2.20
HM5058 Gasket, Handhole 3HP 2.75
HM5059 Gasket, Handhole 6HP 3.05
HM506 Gasket, Ignitor 1-1/2 to 6HP 3.60
HM507 Governor Shoe (Fork) 1-1/2HP 46.50
HM5072 Governor Shoe (Fork) 3HP 49.25
M5074 Governor Shoe (Fork) 6HP 49.25
HM5075 Governor Sleeve (Round Part) 1-1/2HP 67.50
HM5077 Governor Throttle Rod (Long) 1-1/2HP 37.50
HM5078 Governor Throttle Rod (Long) 3HP 43.75
HM5079 Governor Throttle Rod (Long) 6HP 57.75
HM508 Governor Throttle Rod Assy. (Short) 1-1/2HP 37.50
HM509 Governor Throttle Rod Assy. (Short) 3HP 39.50
HM510 Governor Throttle Rod Assy. (Short) 6HP 42.00
HM511 Governor Yoke (holds weights), 1-1/2HP 96.75
HM512 Magneto Bracket 3-6HP (Wico "Ek") 35.75
HM5143 Magneto, Deadpin ("EK") 4.70
HM5145 Magneto, "EK" Retard Lever Locator Pin and Spring 17.35
HM5146 Magneto, IHC 'L', Housing end cap 52.25
HM5147 Magneto, "EK" Trip Rod Only 52.25
Hm515 Muffler, 1-1/2HP 55.00
Sorry, 3HP and 6HP mufflers are discontinued
HM518 Nameplate "IHC" 1-1/2HP 8.00
HM519 Nameplate, "IHC" 3-6HP 8.00
HM520 Nameplate, McCormick-Deering 1-1/2HP 8.00
HM521 Nameplate, McCormick-Deering 3-6HP 8.00
HM523 Piston Wrist Pin (Ign.) 1-1/2HP 35.00
HM523A Piston Wrist Pin (S/P) 1-1/2HP 35.00
HM5231 Piston Wrist Pin 3HP 40.00
HM5232 Piston Wrist Pin 6HP 44.00
HMR20 Piston Ring 3 1/4" X 1/4" (Ign.) 1-1/2HP 6.60ea
HMR27 Piston Ring, 3 5/8" X 3/16" (S/P) 1-1/2HP 6.60ea
HMR36 Piston Ring, 4 1/8" X 1/4" 3HP 8.80ea
HMR46 Piston Ring, 4 3/4" X 5/16" 6HP 8.80ea
HM01 Spark plug,7/8" straight thread 5.50
HM525 Spring, Compensating Valve 1-1/2HP 4.00
HM526 Spring, Compensating Valve 3HP 4.75
HM527 Spring, Compensating Valve 6HP 5.50
HM528 Spring, Exhaust Rocker 1-1/2HP 7.15
HM529 Spring, Exhaust Rocker 3HP 9.25
HM530 Spring, Exhaust Rocker 6HP 10.50
HM531 Spring, Exhaust Push Rod 1/2-3HP 5.25
HM5312 Spring, Fuel Pump Plunger 1-1/2HP 3.25
HM5313 Spring, Fuel Pump Plunger 3HP 3.50
HM5314 Spring, Fuel Pump Plunger 6HP 4.00
HM5315 Spring, Gov. Spring & Hook 1-1/2-3HP 24.00
HM5316 Spring, Governor Spring & Hook 6HP 26.00
HM532 Spring, Ignitor Tension 1-1/2 to 6HP 7.25
HM533 Spring, Ignitor Torsion 1-1/2 to 6HP 7.25
EK17 Spring, Mag Drive (Wico EK) 1-1/2 to 6HP 4.00
EK13 Spring, Mag Return (Wico EK) 1-1/2 to 6HP 4.00
HM263 Spring, Needle Valve 1-1/2 to 3HP 1.25
HM264 Spring, Needle Valve 6HP 2.00
HM537 Spring, Throttle Butterfly Shaft 1-1/2 to 6HP 6.25
HM538 Spring, Exhaust Valve 1-1/2HP 5.25
HM539 Spring, Exhaust Valve 3HP 5.25
HM540 Spring, Exhaust Valve 6HP 7.50
HM541 Spring, Intake Valve 1-1/2HP 5.25
HM542 Spring, Intake Valve 3HP 5.25
HM543 Spring, Intake Valve 6HP 7.50
HM545 Throttle Butterfly Assy. (Includes Spring) 1-1/2HP 37.50
HM5451 Throttle Butterfly Assy. (Includes Spring) 3HP 37.50
HM5452 Throttle Butterfly Assy. (Includes Spring) 6HP 39.50
HM547 Valve, Exhaust 1-1/2HP 37.50
HM548 Valve, Exhaust 3HP 41.50
HM549 Valve, Exhaust 6HP 48.50
HM5495 Valve, Guide 6HP 62.50
HM550 Valve, Intake w/Threaded End 1-1/2HP 39.50
HM551 Valve, Intake w/Threaded End 3HP 43.50
HM552 Valve, Intake w/Threaded End 6HP 50.00
HM553 Valve Keeper, Exhaust 1-1/2HP 8.00
HM554 Valve Keeper, Exhaust 3HP 8.00
HM555 Valve Keeper, Exhaust 6HP 8.00
HM556 Valve Keeper, Intake (2PC.) 1-1/2HP 14.50
HM557 Valve Keeper, Intake (2PC.) 3HP 14.50
HM558 Valve Keeper, Intake (2PC.) 6HP 14.50